Russian TV Outlines ‘Excellent Way’ To Interfere in US Elections

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Guests on Russian state TV discussed what Russia could get out of North Korea following leader Kim Jong Un’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin this week, suggesting that it could provide an «excellent way» to interfere with American elections.

The remark was made by State Duma member Alexander Kazakov in a clip shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by Daily Beast journalist and Russia watcher Julia Davis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (L) visit a construction site of the Angara rocket launch complex on September 13, 2023 in Tsiolkovsky, Russia. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in Russia for talks with Russian President Putin.
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He was referring to North Korean leader Kim’s visit to Russia’s far east earlier this week. Russia and North Korea are widely believed in the West to be negotiating the supply of weapons for use by Russian forces in the war in Ukraine.

The Kremlin fell short of announcing a deal, but Putin said prior to their one-on-one meeting that the two leaders would discuss issues related to «economic cooperation» and those of a «humanitarian nature.»

Putin also teased a potential deal with North Korea, suggesting that Russia could help North Korea build satellites.

«By the way, with respect to geopolitics, this is an excellent way of interfering in U.S. elections!» said Kazakov of their meeting, without elaborating on how this interference could be carried out.

«Mark my words, when the hysteria in the U.S. about comrade Un’s visit will reach its peak, Donald Trump will come out and say, ‘Moron Biden is responsible for this! I was making deals with Kim! But he messed up to the point that Kim went to Putin!'» the State Duma member said.

Newsweek has contacted Russia’s Foreign Ministry via email for comment.

State TV host Andrey Norkin said he is curious «to find out what they agreed on.»

«Apparently Defense Minister Shoigu was making deals that all experts have been writing about,» said Norkin.

Gevorg Mirzayan, a research fellow from Russian think tank Institute for U.S. & Canadian Studies, asked Norkin to «put it simply.»

«About purchasing artillery shells and other projectiles! They have an enormous arsenal, a colossal arsenal! And we very much need these shells at the front even despite our own production,» said Mirzayan.

The Institute for the Study of War, a U.S.-based think tank, assessed last week that Russia likely faces obstacles in replenishing its missile supply.

«North Korean missiles are probably at issue, because when Vladimir Putin said that Comrade Kim is very interested in missile technology, it was a level 80 trolling!» Mirzayan continued. «North Korea is one of the leading missile exporters, out of all countries, aside from top global countries. North Korea is actively exporting its missiles.»

Mirzayan added: «They have a lot of what we could use at the front. One last thing, I hope that aside from iron, there will be Korean volunteers in the Russian Army!»

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