Aussie bloke puts down his beer, plucks a snake off the middle of the road and guides it into the bush

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  • Aussie casually moves snake off road
  • Cattle worker was returning from pig hunt 
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By David Southwell For Daily Mail Australia

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Video has emerged of an outback stockman casually picking up a snake and ushering it off a dirt road even as it rears back and comes perilously close to striking his bare feet and legs.

The barefoot man, who wishes to be known by his nickname of ‘Bouta’, can be seen grabbing the writhing serpent by the tail on Saturday night while driving on a Northern Territory bush track heading into Darwin. 

All the while a beer in a stubbie holder sits in the dust beside him as he wrangles the snake in the illumination of his four-wheel-drive’s headlights. 

‘Stop, stop, stop, stop,’ Bouta says soothingly as the snake wriggles in his grasp.

Stockman Bouta casually removes a snake that was blocking his vehicle on its way back to Darwin

The snake rears back at him and comes within millimeters of biting Bouta’s calf and foot.

‘Nearly got me on the foot,’ is the simple summation he gives the video, that he posted on X (formerly Twitter). 

Bouta, who identifies himself as a ‘proud blackfella’, lets go off the snake it and starts slithering off the road towards the bush. 

‘Cmon mate. Get off the road. C’mon buddy, off the road buddy,’ the man says as calmly escorts it. 

He gives the snake a brief touch near its tail to hurry it up and it disappears back into scrub.

Bouta, 46, told Daily Mail Australia on Monday that the snake was a non-venonous python, which he called ‘harmless’.

It was blocking he and his mate’s vehicle as they were coming home from a day out pig hunting. 

‘I’ve been around snakes my whole life,’ he said.

Bouta said he has been handling snakes all his life as he ushered the ‘harmless’ python off the road

‘I handle venomous snakes as well.’ 

A person commenting on the video asks: ‘Bare feet snake wrangling, the go is it?’

Bouta replies ‘yes’ and then simply: ‘It is what it is.’

Earlier on Saturday Boula posted a picture of himself and another man standing perched on either side of the driver’s cabin of a vehicle almost entirely submerged in brown water. 

‘F*** this was a mad day with good mates,’ he wrote about the expedition.

‘Pulses were raised. Adrenaline was present.’

A social media user asked Bouta if there were crocodiles present. 

‘Of course. That’s why we were on the roof,’ he said. 

Bouta works on the giant Tipperary group of cattle stations, which are located almost 200km south of Darwin. 

During the eventful pig hunting trip Bouta (pictured right) also found himself keeping out of the water where he said there were ‘plenty’ of crocodiles

Aussie bloke puts down his beer, plucks a snake off the middle of the road and guides it into the bush


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